G.O. NumberG.O. DateAbstract
1G.O.(Rt) No.177/2012/G.Edn05.06.2012Appointment of retrenched teachers as co-ordinators under SSA
2G.O.(Rt) No.2551/2012/GEdn04.06.2012Reposting  after expiry of leave/Transfer and posting of DEOs
3G.O.(Rt).No.2463/2012/GEdn30.05.2012Promotion and Transfer of officers in the cadre of AA/AO/APF/AO(SSA)
4G.O.(Rt) No.2412/2012/GEdn26.05.2012Reposting of District Educational Officers
5G.O.(MS)No.2278/12/GEdn18.05.2012Guidelines for the Childrens, studying in Unrecognised Schools
6G.O.(MS) No.151/12/G.Edn16.05.2012Judgment dated 20.01.2012 in WP(C) No.20692/10 filed by Smt.Majeeda Beegum, Sewing Teacher,All Saints High School Puthayam,Kollam Dist.- orders issued
7G.O.(MS) No.150/2012/G.Edn16.05.2012Teachers Package - Inclusion of Teachers - Orders issued
8G.O.(MS) No.145/2012/G.Edn09.05.2012HSA(Natural Science) Life Science B.Ed. Degree - Equivalent to the Natural Science Degree
9G.O.(MS) No.139/12/G.Edn02.05.2012Approval of appointment of Specialist Teachers
10G.O.(Rt)No.1801/2012/G.Edn17.04.2012Reposting of DEO -Sri.Jose Sebastian - sanctioned
11G.O(MS).117/12/G.Edn12.04.2012Stipulation of attainment of 6 years for admission to Class 1 - Modified
12G.O.(P)No.116/2012/GEdn 12.04.2012 Implementation of package approval of appointment of specialist teachers working without salary
13G.O.(MS) No.107/12/GEd 31.03.2012 Inter -district transfer of Part-time language teachers
14G.O.(MS) No.102/2012/G.Edn29.03.20121)G.O.(MS) No.102/2012/G.Edn dated 29.03.2012 and teachers list (Appendix to the GO (MS) No.102/2012/G.Edn Dt. 29/03/2012)
2) DPI Letter
3) Declaration Form
15G.O.(P) 99/12/G.Edn28.03.2012Implementation of RTE Act -Promotion to all students till completion of elementary education
16G.O.(P) 98/12/G.Edn28.03.2012RTE Act - Permission to start new Government schools
17G.O.(Rt) No.1403/2012/GEdn 22.03.2012 S.S.L.C. "SAY" Examination 2012
18G.O.(Rt) No.1381/2012/GEdn21.03.2012Promotion ,Transfer & Postings of DEO's
19G.O.(Rt)No.1182/2012/G.Edn09.03.2012Transfer and Postings of officers in the cadre of AA/AO/APFO
21G.O.(MS)No.60/2012/G.Edn24.02.2012Conveyance Allowance to Physically Handicapped Aided Higher Secondary School Employees
22G.O.No.808/2012/G.Edn21.02.2012Purchase of Hardware equipments in general education department
23G.O.(Rt) No.791/2012/G.Edn18.02.2012Transfer ,Promotion and Postings of Officers in the cadre of ADPI,JDPI & DDE
24G.O.(P).No.38/2012/G.Edn07.02.2012Notification -correction of errors in admission register -delegate the authorisation to Headmaster
25G.O.(MS) No.35/12/G.Edn07.02.2012Compliance of Judgment dated 3/12/2010 in WP(C) 6298/2010 filed by Smt.R.Shaila
26G.O.(Rt) No.739/2012/G.Edn16.02.2012Transfer/Promotion and Postings of Officers
27G.O.(Rt) No.679/2012/G.Edn10.02.2012DIET - Transfer and Postings of Senior Lectures - Modified
28G.O.(Rt) No.493/2012/G.Edn03.01.2012Promotion to the cadre of Principal- DIET
29G.O.(Ms).No.20/2012/G.Edn 20.01.2012Teaching/Non Teaching staffs -Service arrangement
30G.O.(MS) No.9/2012/G.Edn09.01.2012RTE Act- Stipulation of attainment of 6 years for admission to class 1
31GO(P)No.256/11/GEdn28.12.2011Implementation of RTE Act-appointment of Independent Head teachers in LP&UP Schools and exemption from class charges
32GO(Rt)No.5566/2011/GEdn14.12.2011Implementation of Education Package -Development of IT enabled system - Entrusted to IT@School
33GO(Rt)No.5878/2011/GEdn30.12.2011Transfer & Postings of officers in the cadre of Text Book Officer and Senior Administrative Assistant (Noon Meal)
34GO.(Rt) No.5705/2011/G.EdN21.12.2011Transfer & Posting of officers in the cadre of DEOs
35G.O.(Ms) No.236/11/G.Edn 23.12.2011Part Time Teachers - Pensionary Benifits - Extending the benifits of reckonong 50% of part time service -Approved
36G.O.(Rt).No.5421/2011/G.Edn03.12.2011Posting of District Educational Officers (Training) on Completion of Training
37G.O.(Rt)No. 5366/2011/G.Edn30.11.2011Posting of Senior Lectures, DIET reverted to parent department after deputation
38No.65057/N3/2011/GEdn10.11.2011Application for NOC - date of extension/procedure/instructions issued  
39G.O.(MS) No.224/2011/G.Edn02.11.2011Delegation of Power to the Educational Officers-Modified orders issued
40G.O.(MS) No.216/11/G.Edn28.10.2011Re-establishment of Arabic,Sanskrit and Urdu Eligiblity Test
41No.60930/J2/11/G.Edn25.10.2011Implementation of package Clarification sought
42G.O.(MS) No.202/11/G.Edn07.10.2011Guide Lines for issuing No Objection Certificate to Schools for getting CBSE/ICSE affiliation
43 G.O.(P) No.205/2011/G.Edn 07.10.2011
44G.O.(Rt) 4140/2011/G.Edn03.10.2011Revised version  (Malayalm &English) of chapter 1 Social Science Text Book 1 for STD X prepared by SCER
45G.O.(P) No.199/2011/G.Edn01.10.2011Scientific method of Appointment and Deployment of Teachers in Aided Schools - Implementation of Package
46G.O.(Rt)No.4012/2011/G.Edn24.09.2011Transfer, Promotion and Postings of Officers in the cadre of Deputy Director of Education & District Educational Officer in the Education Department
47G.O.(P) No.183/11/G.Edn01.09.2011Malayalam as the first language in all schools of Kerala -Orders Issued
48G.O.(Ms) No.186/11/GEdn.  
03.09.2011Remuneration for Pre-Primary Teachers & Ayas
49G.O.(P) No.185/11/GEdn.03.09.2011Aided Schools  - Staff Fixation - Benefit of 1: 40 Teacher - Student Ratio extended to the Academic Year 2011 -2012
06.09.2011Salary Increment for Daily Wages Teachers of Govt. & Aided Schools
51G.O.(Rt).No.3809/2011/G.Edn. 05.09.2011Special Festival Allowance to Cooks
52G.O.(Rt)No.3446/2011/G.Edn.26.08.2011Deputation of Sri.Binu. M,LD Clerk ,DDE Kannur to Kerala School Teachers and Non Teaching Staff Welfare Corporation Limited
53G.O.(Rt).No.3237/2011.G.Edn10.08.2011Time Barred TA Claim in respect of the staff of AEO Kuthuparamba
54G.O.(Rt) No.3114/2011/G.Edn01.08.2011Transfer and Promotion of AA/AO/APFO
55G.O.(Rt)No.2981/2011/GEdn23/07/2011Judgment filed by Smt. Vimala K HM(u/s) GBHS Haripad
56G.O.(Rt).No.2365/2011/G.EdN24/06/2011Reimbursement of Medical Expenses incured by Sri.P/Jayaraj
57G.O No 2431/11/GEdn28/06/2011Disciplinary action against Sri.Beerankutty,Accounts officer,Higher secondary Regional Deputy Director Office
58G.O.(Ms) No 148/11/GEdn27/06/2011Order - "Malayalam" as first language in schools
59G.O.(Rt) No 2411/2011/GEdn25/06/2011Order - Establishment - Pension benifits in respect of (late) T.J.George,District Educational Officer(Rtd)
60G.O.(P)No.129/11/G.Edn31/05/2011Appointment of Clerk/Typist/Attenders/Peon as Language Teachers
61G.O.No.1697/11/G.Edn.06/05/2011Guidlines for Students in Unrecognised Schools
62G.O.(P)No.99/11/G.Edn30/04/2011Recognition to Service Organisation
G.O.(P) No.100/2011/G.Edn The right of children to Free and compulsory education
G.O(P)NO.56/11/GEdn Order - Appointment of Aided School teachers-detailed clarification 
G.O(P)NO.52/11/GEdn Priority of 43 claimants of "New" schools over 51 A claimants
G.O.(Ms) No46/11/GEdn B.Ed degree in LIFE SCIENCE equated to B.Ed degree in NATURAL SCIENCE- Orders issued 
G.O(Ms) No.28/2010/GEdn Seniority of school teachers on retrenchment
G.O.(Ms)No.36/11/G.Edn Recognised Unaided Schools 
G.O.(P)No.21/2011/GEdN Oualification for the post of HSA (Natural Science) modified
G.O.(Ms) No.245/2010/GEdn Degree of Tripple Main as alternative qualification for High School Assistant-accepted -Orders issued
G.O.(Ms)No.226/10/G.Edn Date of Birth correction- Authorisation to AEOs/DEOs
G.O(Ms) No.115/2010/GEdn Service of Protected Teachers in Juvenile Homes
G.O(Ms) No.92/2010/GEdn Termination of shiftin arrangement in schools
G.O.(Rt) No.1098/2010/GEdn promotion, transfer and posting of Officers to the Cadre of AA/AO/APFP/AP(SSA)
G.O(Ms) No.28/2010/GEdn Recognition of 'Siksha Visarad' title awarded by Hindi Sahithya Sammelan
G.O.(P)NO.8/2010/SWD 3% reservation in appointment for physically handicapped candidates in companies/Corporation/ Boards-orders issued
G.O.(Rt)No.477/2010/GEdn Posting of officers
78G.O.9MS) NO.10/2011/G.EDN19.01.2011Mid Day Meal Scheme in schools -establishing a Grievance Redressal Mechanism
Govt. Letter No.52080/J2/08/G.Edn Writ petition and W.As challenging c.O(P) Nos. 169/04/G.Edn.-orders issued
G.O.(MS)NO.16/10/G.Edn. Exclude Aided school clerical staff from departmental test -orders issued
G.O.(P) No.10/10/G.Edn. Vacancy of post in gov/Aided schools by overdivision -Permission sanctioned
G.O.(MS) No.2/10/G.Edn. Work arrangement of teaching / non-teaching staff of local self govt. Constitution-orders issued
G.O.(Ms).No.237/09/GEdn Special Schools – Enhancement of Boarding Allowance and Dress Allowance
G.O.(MS) No.232/09/G.Edn SSLC as the minimum general education qualification for the teaching post in primary schools in the state-orders issued
G.O.(MS) No.227/09/G.Edn Qualification for the Post of HSA (Physical science) -Modified -orders issued
G.O.(Rt)No.4656/2009/GEdn Promotion,Transfer and postings of officers in the cadre of AA/AO/APF/ACCOUNTS OFFICER[SSA]
G.O.(P) No.215/09/G.Edn Assigning of Authorities for sanctioning alteration in the categories such as the name , Religion,date of birth of pupils-orders issued
G.O.(Rt) No.3742/09/GEdn sanctioning of Unrecognised School Students to study in Govt/Aided Schools 
G.O.(Rt) No.2782/2009/G.Edn Promotion,Transfer and postings of officers in the cadre of DEOs
G.O.(MS) No.132/09/G.Edn Sanction of Postings of HSA core Subject Teachers-orders issued
G.O.(Rt)No.2205/2009/G.Edn Transfer and postings of officers in the cadre of DDE officers
G.O.(Ms) No.1977/09/GEdn Guidlines for students studied in unrecognised schools 
G.O(Rt) No.913/2009/GEdn Transfer and postings of officers in the Education Department
D1/5600/2008/DPI Ratio promotion on Rs.11910-19350
G.O.(Rt)No.866/2009/GEdn Promotion,Transfer and postings of officers in the cadre of AA/AO/APF/ACCOUNTS OFFICER
D1/5601/08/DPI Transfer and postings of officers in the Education Department
G.O.(Rt) No.5182/08/GEdn Recognition to certificates issued by NIOS for the OBE programmes
G.O(Ms) No.228/2006/GEdn Scholarship to Muslim/Nadar girl students in UP and High Schools

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