Friday, 22 June 2012

Education Department

21-06-2012Application for INCULCATE SCHOLARSHIP 2012-13 Screening Test (Last Date 16th July 2012)
19-06-2012Aided school teachers deputational appointment is also applicable to R.M.S A- Orders issued.
15-06-2012Anti-Tobacco day on 26-06-12 - DPI's instructions to HMs via Educational Officers
15-06-2012Opening of English Medium parallel division in Govt/Aided/Un-Aided Schools. Revised guidelines Dated 22-05-2012
15-06-2012Dearness Allowance Revised - Orders issued
13-06-2012General Package - Package -Staff Fixation during -2012 -13 - clarificaion
13-06-2012General Package - Clarification
13-06-2012Promotion and Postings and Transfer of Officers in the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/TTIs'/ AEOs' and equated categories on Rs. 20740-36140
11-06-2012SSA - Application for the post of BPO and Trainers
11-06-2012June 16 will be a working day for schools - DPI announcement
08-06-2012Restriction on use of Mobile Phones at Offices
08-06-2012Pension Revision 2009 - Special pay in lieu of Higher time scale of pay
08-06-2012B Ed Application reg. - Departmental Quota
07-06-2012State Teachers' Award - Instructions with Application Form
07-06-2012Prof. Joseph Mundassery Smaraka Sahithya Award 2012
07-06-2012Promotion ,Posting and Transfer of Heads of HS/TTIs/AEOs - Order -No.D5/578/2012/DPI dated 07.06.2012
07-06-2012KSR -Reemployment pay of Pensioner reg.
07-06-2012State PTA Award
07-06-2012Teachers' Day Celebrations - Competitions
07-06-2012Transfer and Posting of DIET Lecturers
07-06-2012HSE Trial Allotment Instructions to Students Principals |Correction Proforma
06-06-2012Teachers Package - Appointment of retrenched teachers as cluster Co-ordinates in SSA - clarification
06-06-2012Teachers Package - Appointment of protected teachers in the vacancy of it@school Master Trainers - clarification
04-06-2012Free Uniform distribution 2012-13 - Guidelines from the SSA
04-06-2012THSLC SAY 2012 result
01-06-2012SSLC Revaluation : First Spell | Second Spell
01-06-2012House Building Advance Scheme- Online registration -Instruction
01-06-2012GPF Rules- Enhancement of Retirement age - Closure allowed
31-05-2012Teachers Package - Data collection - Extension of date
31-05-2012Pre-matric Scholarship - Online E-banking Instruction
31-05-2012Re-attachment in it@school
31-05-2012NOC for CBSE Schools - Updated List
30-05-2012ICT Training for teachers of STD X for the year 2012-12 - Clarification circular
30-05-2012Pre-Primary Teachers Training Course 2012 -14
30-05-2012NTEC 2012 RESULT
29-05-2012Final Transfer Orders - HM / AEOs
28-05-2012Special rice to school children @ 6 Kg per pupil - DPI Circular
28-05-2012Retirement on Superannuation of the Educational Officers with effect from the AN of 31.05.2012
27-05-2012Extendended the period of Socio Economic and Caste Census to 16th June 2012
26-05-2012Govt Letter for granting Earned Leave to the teachers who engaged in Socio Economic and Caste Census 2012
26-05-2012Teachers package database merging with spark data - DPI circular and detailed instructions dated 25-05-12
26-05-2012SSLC Revaluation Result 2012
26-05-2012Prohibitions and Restrictions on sales of Gutkha and Panmasala by the Kerala state Government
26-05-2012SSA - Deputation Appointment - Aided School Teachers can also be appointed
26-05-2012Re-Designation of Peon in Last Grade Service - GO
21-05-2012Provisional approval of list based on the hearing conducted by Supercheck officer
21-05-2012TTC Course - 2012 -2014 (Govt./Aided TTI's)
21-05-2012Mid Day Meal Scheme - Establishing a Grievance Redressal Mechanism
21-05-2012Inter -district Transfer of part -time language teachers - modified order
21-05-2012NMMS Examination 2011- 2012 -Selection List
19-05-2012Admission - Students from unrecognised schools
18-05-2012Increase the amount of Lumpsum grant of SC/ST/Other eligible students
17-05-2012Teachers' Package - Clarification on approval in uneconomic schools
17-05-2012Teachers' Package - 40 more included
17-05-2012Departmental Test -July 2012 - Notification
15-05-2012Teachers' Package - Clarification on Approval of appointment in Aided Schools arouse in the year 2010-11
15-05-2012Approval of appointments of Specialist Teachers
15-05-2012Life Science B.Ed equilant to Natural Science B.Ed - retrospective effect granted order
14-05-2012Cleaning @ schools on 17-5-12 by using NCC/NSS/Scout/SPC Cadets DPI Circular
11-05-2012Approval of appointment in leave vacancies exceeding 8 months - No need of appellate order
11-05-2012SSLC - SAY- Blank Hallticket
11-05-2012Higher Secondary Examination - Rate of Remuneration Enhanced
10-05-2012Video conference of Educational officers on 08-05-12 - Decisions & Action plans
10-05-2012Judgment dtd 30.12.2011 in C.No.1892/2010 - A and connected complaint of the Hon'ble Kerala Lok Ayuktha
09-05-2012Notification for Sanskrit Teacher Examination
04-05-2012Future Pay Revision Orders- Instructions issued
04-05-2012The issue of TC - DPI's letter to Educational Officers
04-05-2012An Important DPI press release on issuance of TC
04-05-2012FBS - Period of subscription enhanced
03-05-2012Clarification - Special allowance to teachers in charge of Lab/Lib/IT
30-04-2012Admission To Std. XI in The Technical Higher Secondary Schools Under IHRD 2012 – 2013 : Notification - Prospectus - Application
29-04-2012SSLC 2012 - Revaluation Notification - Revaluation Announcement
29-04-2012SAY Examination- 2012 Notification : SSLC - THSLC - AHSLC -SSLC HI
27-04-2012Snehasparsham - Hon. Education Minister's letter to PTA presidents of schools : April | March | February
27-04-2012SSLC 2012 Result : Student wise | School wise result | DEO Wise Result | AHSSLC | SSLC (HEARING IMPAIRED) | THSLC (HEARING IMPAIRED)
21-04-2012Diesnon Entry in Spark (Thanks to Shaji.S, DMU (VHSE))
21-04-2012Teacher's Package Implementation - Avoid delay_DPI Letter H2.35920.2011 Dated 20-04-2012
20-04-2012RTE - Structural Changes in schools (Draft)
20-04-2012Additional information and centres of SSLC Say Examination
20-04-2012Loans and Advances - Recovery during April 2012- postponed -Help file for the Recovery exemption in Spark (Thanks to Shaji.S, DMU (VHSE)
20-04-2012CBSE Schools for NOC - Final List
19-04-2012Education Package - Clarification
19-04-2012Stipulation of attainment of 6 years for admission to Class 1
18-04-2012Pay Revision 2009 : Fixation of Scale of Pay of HSA/HMs -Clarified
18-04-2012General Education -Implementation of the Central Plan Scheme for Infrastructure Development in Minority Institutes (IDMI)- Release of first installment of Grant-in aid Capital assets for the year 2011-12
18-04-2012Marginal increase of seats in Govt., Aided and Unaided HSEs
18-04-2012Mid Day Meal Scheme - MDMS Vouchers shall be returned to schools - DPI Circular
18-04-2012Scheme for construction & running of girls hostel for secondary & higher secondary schools - Revised guidelines
18-04-2012Forwarding LWA applications to Govt - Strict guidelines to the recommending authorities
13-04-2012Implementation of package approval of appointment of specialist techers working without salary
13-04-2012Loans and Advances - Recovery during April 2012- postponed
13-04-2012Inter -district transfer of Part-time language teachers
13-04-2012Period of Probation of officers in state service and equated categories
13-04-2012Group Personal Accident insurance Scheme - Modified Orders
12-04-2012DPI's letter reg Seniority List of 51A Claimants (Attention Managers of aided Schools)-List of 51A Claimants in all Districts
09-04-2012SSLC "SAY" Examination 2012 : Order - G.O.(Rt) No.1403/2012/G.Edn dated 22.03.2012
08-04-2012GIS-Revival /remittance of defaulted premia -Proposal for Government Sanction -Further instructions to DDOs
08-04-2012Implementation of Teachers Package_Approval of appointments in regular vacancies-Review of cases pending-DPI letter dated 02-04-2012
07-04-2012Library Science Notification_2012
04-04-2012Higher Secondary Education-Academic - Single Window of admission to Plus one courses for the academic year 2012-13 -Prospectus approved- Period Extended-Sanctioned accorded- Orders issued
31-03-2012Online Transfer and Posting for Govt School Teachers / Primary HMs Cancelled due to enhancement of Retirement age- Circular
31-03-2012Mid Day Meal Scheme @ MGLCs-BRC countersignature - DPI Circular 27-03-2012
31-03-2012Training to Retrenched Teachers included in the list - Further directions from the DPI to DDEs , DEOs & AEOs
30-03-2012Approval of the list of Retrenched Teachers : Order - G.O.(MS) No.102/2012/G.Edn dated 29.03.2012 and Teachers list (Appendix to the GO (MS) No.102/2012/G.Edn Dt. 29/03/2012)
DPI Letter - Declaration Form
30-03-2012Promotion to all students till completion of elementary education
30-03-2012RTE Act - Permission to start new Government schools
30-03-2012Std X ICT Training Schedule - ERNAKULAM DISTRICT
29-03-2012Guidelines for procurement of ICT equipments for schools using various schemes- Revised Order
29-03-2012DPI Circular about OBC Prematric Scholarship Distribution
27-03-2012OBC Prematric Scholarship Distribution: Latest Letter to HMs
27-03-2012SAMPOORNA Installation - Solution to some issues (Sreejith Koiloth,it@school, Wayanad)
27-03-2012Enhancement of Age of Retirement and Creation of Supernumerary posts : Notification to S.R.O No.193/2012 -GO(P)No. 170/2012/Fin Dated 22/03 /2012
27-03-2012Pay Revision 2009 Permission to Exercise Re-option
27-03-2012Provident Fund-Rate of Interest on Deposits-Fixed
27-03-2012IED (sslc-2012)Time table
27-03-2012A list of Diploma in Language Education (Hindi) 2012-2013
26-03-2012DPI Notice - Postponement of Mar 27th Exam to 30th
26-03-2012Fund Allocation from LSGs to Primary Schools - Modified Circular
26-03-2012SAMPOORNA - Offline Installation Guide (From Aluva DEO)
24-03-2012Dies-non on 28.02.2012-Non Availability of Public conveyance -Sanctioning of casual leave and recouping of excess pay drawn -Clarification-Reg
24-03-2012OBC Prematric Scholarship Distribution: Letter to HMs
24-03-2012Std 10 ICT Text Book Training Module - Textbook
23-03-2012Higher Secondary Accountancy Exam date announced
22-03-2012State School Infrastructure Survey 2012 - Instructions from the DPI
22-03-2012Promotion,Transfer & Postings of DEO's
20-03-2012Reservation of OBCs in appointments to the services and posts under the Govt. Kerala- issue of Non Creamy Layer Certificate to the eligible Candidates- Clarifications-reg
20-03-2012TTC Course 2012 -2014 Circular - M2/8924/2012/DPI dated 09.03.2012
19-03-2012Kerala Budget Speech - Malayalam
19-03-2012Arabic Teachers Examination Notification
19-03-2012Promotion of LD Clerks to UD Clerks in G Edn. Order
17-03-2012SPARK - Completion of Details in G Edn. reg
17-03-2012BPHFC- Annual Income limit Enhanced Govt.Order
15-03-2012ICT textbook for standard 10 - Malayalam
14-03-2012Higher Secondary teachers Promotion By transfer - Circular -Apply Online - View Application & Print
14-03-2012Inculcate Scholarship 2011-12 Result
14-03-2012SSLC March 2012 : Scheme Finalisation camp date
14-03-2012House Building Advance-Extension of time limit for Encashment
14-03-2012Diploma in Language Education - (Arabic ,Urdu) - General
13-03-2012SAMPOORNA - Latest DPI Circular
09-03-2012Examination Concession to CWSN - SSLC March 2012
Circular | Education District Wise List - Order No: IED/63519/11/DPI(Pt.I) Dated 03.03.2012 Second Order No: IED/63519/11/DPI(Pt.I) dated 09.03.2012
09-03-2012PSC LDC Results [Courtesy: Kerala PSC Website] (Special Thanks to Ranjith Kumar)
09-03-2012ICT Hardware equipments to Govt. LP UP Schools - DPI Circular
09-03-2012SSLC 2012 : Circular about Photo uploading
08-03-2012ICT Procurement at Govt Schools : G.O. by LSG Department |G.O. by Gen. Education Dept | Guidelines for ICT Procurement -Letter to AEOs
08-03-2012Notification -correction of errors in admission register -delegate the authorization to Headmaster
08-03-2012Transfer of employees between un-economic schools under same management - Permitted
08-03-2012Conveyance Allowance to Physically Handicapped Aided Higher Secondary School Employees
08-03-2012Pay protection granted to teachers on retrenchment -clarification
08-03-2012Appointment of Teachers in the schools started functioning due to De-link of Pre- Degree - Approval of Qualification
08-03-2012Selection of qualified HMs/AEOs 'as Principals' in Govt. Higher Secondary Schools
05-03-2012Teachers Eligibility Test - Entrusting SCERT as the academic authority
03-03-2012A very important DPI Circular on SAMPOORNA
02-03-2012DPI Circular on Class X ICT Training
02-03-2012Treasury Transactions during the close of the Financial year- Strict Instructions Issued
01-03-2012SSLC 2012 New time table
01-03-2012Blank Hall ticket for SSLC 2012
Regular Students - PCN Candidates
01-03-2012Text Book indent for Plus one, Plus two, non vocational Text book
01-03-2012Kerala Part time Contingent Employees Provident Fund -transfer to other provident schemes
28-02-2012SNEHA SPARSHAM - Hon. Education minister's letter to PTA president's of schools
27-02-2012Measures for dealing with - Strike of Feb 28th
25-02-2012Preparation of Seniority list -HSA - Appointed by Local Body
25-02-2012Teacher's Package - Last date for online data-entry extended up to 01-03-2012- Letter from the DPI
23-02-2012Latest instructions regarding Teachers's Package
Data Entry
22-02-2012Text Book distribution - 2012 -13
22-02-2012Purchase of Hardware equipments in general education department
21-02-2012Transfer ,Promotion and Postings of Officers in the cadre of ADPI,JDPI and DDE
20-02-2012Forms for SSLC Practical Exam in Spread sheet format : Sujith. S, H S A(Maths)& SITC, G H S KARIMBA, Palakkad
20-02-2012Forms for SSLC Practical Exam in Spread sheet format : Prepared by KC Babu, SIHS Ummathur
19-02-2012Correction of Address or Parent's name in SSLC / School records requires one and same certificate from village officer - Order
18-02-2012Teachers' Package circular : Last date for data entry extended upto 25-02-2012
18-02-2012Circular about Grace Marks
18-02-2012Acquisition and Disposal of Immovable property
17-02-2012Teachers' package in Ubuntu -Solution Prepared by Abdul Hakeem,Malappuram
16-02-2012Relief Calculator (Reduce Tax on arrear) 10E forms made simple - Prepared by Abdurahiman, HSST (Senior) in Commerce, Govt Girls HSS, BP Angadi, Tirur
16-02-2012Pre-matric Scholarship for OBC Students - Proforma - Affedavit
16-02-2012General Transfer of DEO/DDE - Circular & Application form
16-02-2012General Transfer of Lectures/Senior Lecture/Principal - Circular and Application form
16-02-2012Tax Relief Calculator:Prepared by Sudheer Kumar T K, Headmaster, KCALPS School, Eramangalam, Balussery and Rajan E, Headmaster, A M L P School, Balussery
15-02-2012Guidelines for the procurement of ICT equipments for schools
15-02-2012LSS, USS, Screening tests 2012 - Guidelines dated 10-02-2012
14-02-2012SSLC IT Practical Examination 2012
14-02-2012SLI Premium - Revised from the salary for the month of March 2012
14-02-2012Purchase of Motor Car/Motor Cycle/Scooter- Non-Refundable withdrawal from GPF- Basic Pay limit - Revised
10-02-2012Income Tax Form No. 10E
09-02-2012Teachers Package - Sanctioning of Posts : Circular No.68058/J2/11/G.Edn dated 30.01.2012
09-02-2012IT Final Term Practical Examination for STD VIII and IX Circular -Instructions
09-02-2012List of CBSE/ICSE Schools for NOC
07-02-2012SSLC Continuous Evaluation Score - Online Data Entry
07-02-2012HBA - Extension of the time limit for encashment Circular
06-02-2012SSLC Model Exam : Question Paper code and Timetable
05-02-2012ERNAKULAM DISTRICT - Transfer and posting - Primary Teachers
05-02-2012Easy Tax 2012: Prepared by Sudheer Kumar T K, Headmaster, KCALPS School, Eramangalam, Balussery
05-02-2012Income Tax 2011-12 - Details reg.(Published earlier)
04-02-2012Implementation of Spark compulsory from salary bill for Jan12 - Govt. letter dated 28-01-2012
04-02-2012Travelling Allowance - Revision of T.A Ceiling of State Government Employees And Restoration of Incidental for Air Journey -Sanctioned - Orders Issued
04-02-2012General Transfer of HMs and AEOs : Circular (1) - No.D5/578/11/DPI dated 02.02.2012 - Circular (2) - No.D5/578/2012/DPI dated 02.02.2012
04-02-2012STATE IT QUIZ (Quiz Master - V K Adarsh) : Preliminary Round -HS Final Round - HSS Final Round
03-02-2012Qualification equivalency of diploma in physical education - Govt order
03-02-2012Teacher Transfer- Model Residential Schools
03-02-2012Transfer and Postings - Junior Supts. Education department reg.
01-02-2012CBSC/ICSE Schools for NOC : Proposal Forwarded to Government - List of CBSE/ICSE schools for NOC - No-Objection Certificate - CBSE/ ICSE affiliation
01-02-2012National Talent Search Examination 2011 - Selection List
01-02-2012LSS USS Portfolio
01-02-2012Promotion to the cadre of Principal- DIET
31-01-2012Group Personal Insurance Scheme-Time limit for joining the scheme-Extended
31-01-2012Ceiling on Traveling Allowance of State Government Employees - Revised
30-01-2012DPI Circular about Publishing the Continuous Evaluation Mark for STD VIII, IX and X
28-01-2012Mid Day Meal Scheme (Noon-meal) - One day workshop @ Thrissur & visit of central team on Jan. 30 & 31 - Very important letter
28-01-2012Death of High Dignitaries - Death of Shri . M.O.H Farooj , H.E the Governor of Kerala - Arrangement in connection with - Orders issued
28-01-2012Application are invited for the post of Principal, SIMC, Pangappara.English - Malayalam
28-01-2012State Special School Kalolsavam 2011- 12
28-01-2012Guidelines of State IT Fair -DPI Circular issued State IT Fest 2012 - Schedule
27-01-2012Conduct of Sugama HIndi Examination -Enhancement of Examination Fees - Orders issued
25-01-2012General Education -SSA -EStt - Appointment of BPOS on deputation basis- sanctioned - Orders issued.
25-01-2012Transfer of Ministerial Staff (Gazetted)
25-01-2012Rules for making selection of candidates for the State Awards for Outstanding Employers and the most efficient Physically Handicapped Employees and APPLICATION FORM
24-01-2012SSLC MODEL EXAM Time table
24-01-2012Clarification about the Special allowance to teachers in charge of Lab/Library/IT
24-01-2012Teaching/Non Teaching staffs of Panchayath schools -Service arrangement
24-01-2012GO about placing senior most VHSC teacher as Principal in VHS Schools
24-01-2012Model SSLC IT Practical Circular
23-01-2012National Voters' Day : Duty Leave for BLOs on the 24th & 25th January 2012
23-01-2012Kerala Entrance Exams - Submission of online application
23-01-2012RTI- Fee Concessions to BPL Family Members
13-01-2012IEDC - Financial assistance through bank account_DPI Circular dated 12-1-12
13-01-2012Kalolsavam Revised Schedule
12-01-2012Stipulation of attainment of 6 years for admission to class-1
11-01-2012Kerala State Special School Kalolsavam entry form and Instructions
10-01-2012State Youth festival 2012 - Guidelines - Circular dated 16-12-2011
10-01-2012Ente Maram School Competition On 14.01.2012
10-01-2012Income Tax Calculator 2012 : Prepared By Babu Vadakkumchery
09-01-2012ID Card- State School kalolsavam
08-01-2012ANIMATION FILM FEST - School, Sub Dist., District & State
08-01-2012IT Training for HSS Teachers Circular from HSE - it@school
08-01-2012IT Training for LP School Teachers
07-01-2012Pre matric Scholarship - Fresh and Renewal List 2011-12
07-01-2012Pay Revision 2004 Permission to exercise re-option
07-01-2012Teachers'Package- DPI Circular reg. Complaint Registration Against Exclusion From Teachers Working Without Salary ‌- help (Instructions for Online entry) - Online entry
05-01-2012Wiki Padana Sibiram @ Trissur
05-01-2012Hindi Diploma in Language Education Course 2012-13 -Correction Notification
04-01-2012Revenue District Kalolsavam Program Chart : Kasaragod -Kannur - Wayanad - Malappuram - Palakkad - Ernakulam -Idukki - Alappuzha - Kottayam - Pathanamthitta - Kollam -Thiruvananthapuram
04-01-2012Trissur District Sasthrolsavam Results (Updated up to 12.30pm 4/01/2012)
03-01-2012Appointment of Independent Head Teachers in LP & UP Schools - Exemption from class charge for HMs in LP & UP schools- Order - GO(P) No.256/11/GEdn dated 28.12.2011
03-01-2012Development of IT enabled system -Entrusted to IT@School Order - GO(Rt) No.5566/2011/GEdn dated 14.12.2011
02-01-2012State Shasthrolsavam Schedule 2012
01-01-2012State Kalolsavam Schedule 2012
01-01-2012Mannam Jayanthi : Restricted Holiday allowed for Nair Community
കടപ്പാട് :  മത്സ് ബ്ലോഗ്‌ 

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